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Meet Islington Chiropractor Brian Bamberger

Remaining Active Thanks to Chiropractic

Chiropractor Islington Brian BambergerAs a teen, Brian was active in sports. He experienced back pain from playing rugby โ€” no surprise there! Physiotherapy and an osteopath couldn’t help, and he ended up at a chiropractor when the discomfort was too much. From age 14 onwards, he had regular chiropractic visits. “It kept my spine working properly and allowed me to continue playing sports.” Brian felt that chiropractic was an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and wanted to help other people stay active. He attended the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth. Brian’s hands-on approach doesn’t require any special equipment or drugs โ€” he simply uses his hands to directly improve your spinal health.

I love being a chiropractor, making changes in people’s health and life.”

Enjoying a Healthy Lifestyle

Brian and his teenage son spend their spare time being active. They cycle, canoe and kayak together. Brian also enjoys playing tennis year-round. As a member of Islington Cycling Club, Brian commutes to work on his bike and spends his weekends riding, for a total of about 100-200 miles per week. If he’s not cycling, he’s eating or sleeping! Angel Chiropractic Clinic offers same-day and Saturday appointments.

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