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Angel Chiropractic Clinic Testimonials

Highly Recommend

I was looking for a good chiropractor because of my scoliosis and tightness in my back since I was 14.

Because of my scoliosis I tend to have a bad posture and my back and core muscles get very tight. This had an impact on my work and hobbies. I was constantly getting spasms in my back and headaches. I used to have thai massages but only felt better only for about 1/2 days max and sometimes I even ended up with bruises after. After the chiropractic treatment I feel like a weight is lifted of I feel like the weight is lifted of my shoulders and back and it is strange but I have more energy and I feel clear in my mind. My postures dramatically improves after the treatment.

The treatment is very effective and with correct postures and exercise long lasting.

The staff is very friendly and Dr Brian is always very well tempered and cheerful.

I already recommended to my friends.

MD from N21

Wonderful Experience

I did myself a nasty back injury resulting in a lot of pain and lack of mobility. I elected to have Chiropractic treatment and chose to see Brian Bamberger at Angel Wellbeing Clinic.

The whole experience has been great, friendly, informal and to the point. My lack of patience meant I even consulted a back surgeon, thinking what I had was actually worse than it was, but he only diagnosed the same condition as Brian and recommended I continued the treatment.

These things take a lot of time and you have to do what you’re told if you’re going to help yourself. Brian reinforced this and I’m now much better and slowly getting back to normal, so thank you.

NVD, Surrey

Personal, Individualized Treatment

Since I can remember myself I’ve been having back problems. After moving to London, I couldn’t go to my regular clinic which was back home. A friend of mine, who knew about my problem and is also treated in Angel Wellbeing Clinic have recommended it to me.

I really like the personal treatment to each of your customers. In big clinics, you will never see a doctor or the secretary knowing the name of the patient, but in Angel Wellbeing Clinic all staff knows each and every single one of the patients.

The services were very helpful, it definitely helped me and encouraged me not to give up and that only by changing my lifestyle in just a bit, my life could be much easier and with less pain. I also know that whenever I need an advice I can even just call the clinic and get answers right away.

If I would have someone that I would know of that has any problems, I will definitely advice him to attend Angel Wellbeing Clinic.

Angel Wellbeing is very flexible and understanding with their patients; always trying to assist in any way they can which is one of the things that make this clinic very special.

DG, Tottenham

Effective Pain Relief

I often had back pain when I spent a lot of time on my feet whether visiting cities for the weekend or organising events for work. Having decided it was time to remedy the situation, I picked Angel Wellbeing Clinic because the chiropractor was listed as a member of the British Chiropractic Association – and they were local.

I had a course of chiropractic treatments by which time I’d walked my way round quite a bit of Northern California on a three week holiday, run a couple of full-day events for work and spent a long weekend sightseeing all over Vienna – all with virtually no pain.

ES, Highbury

Professional and Convenient

We found Angel Wellbeing Clinic by a simple google search! We were looking for a chiropractor in the area having just moved here from Australia. In Australia we had seen a chiropractor for the past 4 years. We were looking for someone that was professional and conveniently located, which it is! Brian has treated both of us for the past 6 months and we always feel so much better after a treatment. The after office-hours appointments suits our work schedules as well. We would definitely recommend Brian and the clinic to friends and family.

AS, SS, Highbury

Knowledgeable, Kind & Reassuring

I found Angel Wellbeing Clinic after I’d slipped a disk and needed chiropractor close by to hobble to. Brian and Pauline, who handles the appointments, were very kind and reassuring. Brian made me feel much more relaxed and positive.

I was most impressed by the efficiency of the appointments system, the friendly atmosphere and the effectiveness of the treatment – I was walking taller after the first appointment. After a few visits I felt much better and Brian gave me exercises to strengthen my back so that it doesn’t happen again. I really appreciated the student rate, as well as the opportunity to purchase a block of appointments at a discount. I would certainly recommend Angel Wellbeing Clinic to colleagues, friends and family for its friendly, knowledgeable and efficient services.

RD, Islington

Help Beyond Back Pain

The recurrence of a work related lower back injury led me to look for a local chiropractor; and I found Brian! He has now been treating my back for some time and I have progressed from needing treatment twice a week to a monthly maintenance programme. Not only do I now have a pain free back, but as an unexpected bonus I have found my debilitating migraines are also less frequent.

Angel Wellbeing provides a professional, yet friendly and informal service from the moment you enter the waiting room. I would highly recommend Angel Wellbeing to anyone.

JS, Islington

Friendly Staff, Easy Appointments

What made you choose Angel Wellbeing Clinic?
I had muscular back pain and googled “muscular back pain north london”. The £29 offer was a reason for getting an appointment in the first place. Also, the location for me was better than a Muswell Hill practice for example.

What do you like most about our clinic?
Very friendly staff. Location. Reminder phone calls the day before the appointment. Can always get an appointment around the time you need to.

Did our services prove to be as rewarding as you had expected?
Yes. Very happy with everything so far.

Would you recommend us to your work colleagues, friends and family?
Very much so. I already have.

CG, Haringey

Relieved My Back Pain

What made you choose Angel Wellbeing Clinic?
I googled The British Association of Osteopaths for a clinic close to my home to help me with my lower back problem.

What do you like most about our clinic?
I find the atmosphere very welcoming, warm and friendly. Appointments are on time and the treatment effective. Brian explains the problem and treatment well and takes the time to answer any questions.

Did our services prove to be as rewarding as you had expected?
Yes, I got rid of my back pain.

Would you recommend us to your work colleagues, friends and family?

AS, Bloomsbury

Improved Posture and Mobility

I have a progressive neurological condition (MS) and Brian has helped me to straighten up my gait significantly. There is no cure for my condition, but improved posture has certainly assisted with overall mobility and I am very grateful. Apart from his considerable skills as a Chiropractor, the advice on diet, exercise and other lifestyle issues was particularly useful.

The common sense approach is impressive and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the treatment offered by AWC.

All the staff are exceptionally pleasant and add to the welcoming atmosphere.

DF, Mile End

A Chiropractor You Can Trust

I chose Angel Wellbeing Clinic simply because of the student prices, which are very thoughtful of students, and because of a possibility to take x-rays in the clinic. The clinic has a welcoming, cozy and laid back atmosphere. Most of all, I trust Brian in what he is doing. That makes me feel comfortable.

The treatment didn’t cure my back in a couple of weeks as I would have hoped for, but it has given me a better understanding of my back. Most importantly, during the treatment I have learned that my back cannot be cured by someone else but me. My chiropractor can only help and advice me with that. From now on I would not trust a chiropractor who told me that my back could be cured with a few treatments.

The chiropractor Brian will probably tell you that the only person who can cure your back is you. Brian will help you to understand how your back works and how with rather small changes in your life you can influence your back’s wellbeing. In addition to basic chiropractic treatment, the pain is treated with acupuncture which, at least in my case, has been very helpful.

I would recommend Angel Wellbeing Clinic for all my family and friends with back problems.

HA, Bloomsbury

Helps Me Live a Healthier Life

I first attended AWC for a back problem that was starting to cause regular problems and keeping me off work for weeks at a time. Since then (around five years) I have had no problems whatsoever. I have found the clinic and all staff to be friendly, welcoming and highly professional. I really like the fact that not only was my specific problem treated, but my overall lifestyle (posture, exercise, diet etc.) was discussed and very useful, practical advice was given for healthier habits all round.

RH, Stoke Newington

Natural Alternative to Spinal Surgery

I had not long turned 51, was used to working hard, proud of my ability to lift huge, heavy boxes on a daily basis when suddenly my back gave out on me. My right leg went completely numb. I could no longer walk on my toes. No more high heels! I suddenly felt old. Pure agony and despair!

What to do? I Google “Chiropractors Islington”, jot down a couple of numbers, and then do a phone around. I instinctively like the sound of the receptionist at the Angel Wellbeing Clinic – who happened to be Brian’s Mum on the day – and book an appointment.

Joy! A no nonsense approach. I was informed that my problem was a herniated disc. My GP had given me the same diagnosis the day before but couldn’t offer me an immediate solution. Relief – I knew I was on the right track.

I was assessed and given a suggested programme. It was explained to me both physically and financially. It wasn’t a “quick fix”. It wasn’t the cheapest. It’s certainly working though! It’s a mix of manipulation, acupuncture, chat and a personally tailored exercise routine.

9 months on and I’m definitely getting there. I’ve avoided spinal surgery. I’m down to an appointment every other week. I’m back in heels. I’m back on track.

L de H, Islington

Everything Was Thoroughly Explained

Why did you arrange an appointment with the chiropractor at the Angel Wellbeing Clinic?
I had tightness and often pain in the left arm and shoulder and near my collar bone. Worryingly my left arm had become much weaker than my other one and I’d not been able to lift weights or exercise properly with it due to the pain and weakness.

How long I have had the problem for?
A year

Have you taken the pain for granted?
I knew it could be fixed but just never made time for it and it got much worse with time as a result.

Has it started to change my posture and has it started to impact on everyday activities? After a day of work it would be painful and I couldn’t exercise with my left arm reinforced the problem and was also frustrating as I had to stop learning to box and I found I sometimes struggled to lift everyday objects with that arm.Read More>>>

Why did you chose the Angel Wellbeing Clinic?
High in search results, convenient location. After the initial consultation I felt like Brian understood the problem and what the treatment and he explained this to be in honestly and in a way I understood.

Did the treatment help?
Initially I was wary of committing to a treatment plan and wasn’t sure what the results would be but within a few weeks my arm had improved as a result of treatment session and ongoing exercises I was given to do, which I found fitted in quite easily with my daily schedule. I also used an ice pack which I made a habit and this helped with treating the underlying problem.

Did it take time for the treatment to help?
Yes around a month I’d say.

Was postural advice given?
Yes in the first session Brian told me what was probably causing the problem and this turned out to be correct – it was linked to posture and I’ve made subsequent changes to my work habits that have addressed the core issue.

Were rehabilitation exercises given?
Yes I had easy to do exercises that fitted in with my daily routine and I still do today, unlike some exercises I’ve been given before

What was your general experience of dealling with the Angel Wellbeing Clinic?
Reception was always friendly and they called me to remind me about each appointment, which was appreciated.

Would you recommend a friend?
Yes I felt like I received an effective treatment and I was kept aware of what was happening at all times. I was told about the nature of my problem and how it would take time to remedy, initially I was wary of committing to the treatment but it turned out to work and my arm is back to full strength, the exercises are still helping and the pain has gone from my shoulder.

Was there good customer service from reception?
The reception was always friendly and they called me to remind me about each appointment, which was appreciated.

After sales service, did we provide extra information to help recovery?
Brian went out of this way outside of the sessions to send me links to useful resources and the AWB clinic website also has as lot of useful information.

A O’B, Islington

A Strong Reputation

I chose Angel Wellbeing Clinic because of its reputation and most of all.. it’s local. What I like about the clinic … very welcoming and friendly.

For nearly ten years, I suffered from pain in my left shoulder and headaches. After four treatments, the headaches were gone. During the course of my treatment, I was not treated as one of the patients in Brian’s clinic, but someone who wants to get better and he is there to help. But he did not stop there, every treatment he continuously encouraged me to change my lifestyle and attitudes towards work and way of life – not overnight of course!

With the services I received i.e Pauline ringing to remind my appointment, early morning appointments a real bonus – makes me feel good at work after a treatment! Where else can one find these extras? Highly recommended.

JL, Islington

Convenient Hours, Friendly Atmostphere

I chose Angel Wellbeing because it’s close to where I live for access for work and has brilliant opening times that suit office hours. It’s a small and friendly clinic, so you don’t feel overwhelmed by a formal atmosphere.

What I like most is that the initial consultation covered all sorts of things about my pain that I hadn’t even thought of and that it was a quick turnaround from first appointment to first treatment. Appointments since have been well timed, again around activities going on in my life designed to support whatever I’ve got going on. The great thing is the combination of treatments used – acupuncture as well as chiropractory depending on how I am at a particular time.

It is taking longer than I thought to get to a manageable stage with my back for a return to ‘normal’, but I have taken away tools for managing pain and my body that I use every day with adjustments and additions made as I keep coming back.

I’ve already recommended the services on to a friend looking for acupuncture treatment as the appointment times will also suit her work hours.

RC, Islington

Chiropractic As Part of Overall Health

I have been attending the clinic regularly for several years to relieve chronic back and neck pain related to age and my type of work. After an initial more intensive course of treatment we have settled into a routine which has become an important element of a larger regime of exercise and lifestyle changes which has helped me to effectively manage the condition, with the frequency of treatment now sensibly adjusted to how I am feeling. I have recommended the clinic to several friends and will continue to do so, both for the evident skill of any given treatment and for the understanding of how the chiropractic work sits within the bigger context of health and well-being.

LK, Islington

Impressed with Scrupulous Care

Brian Bamberger has been treating me for an obstinate whiplash injury since the end of January 2003. I have been impressed by the scrupulous care he has taken, even getting an x-ray before starting treatment. By August 2003, my shoulders were considerably less painfull and I was able to play the cello for a long period with more comfort than I had experienced for nearly a year.

He has also taken a great deal of trouble over three problems of a friend of mine, even though this person lives too far away to become a patient of Brian’s.

I thoroughly recommend Brian Bamberger to anybody who has joint or muscle problems.

PM (84 years old)

Helps Me Maintain An Active Life

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your initial help in resolving the longstanding difficulties I have been experiencing with my back.

Thanks to your initial treatment and ongoing regular maintenance support my back is substantially better with the pain and inconvenience I became accustomed to accepting is all but gone. Feeling as I do I am able to continue with my active work lifestyle and my attempts at maintaining my fitness at the gym.

Many thanks once again!


One of the Best

I was assigned a project in London from the US and although I was extremely excited about this opportunity with my job, I was terrified that I would not find a chiropractor to fit my needs.

After searching on the Internet I came across several chiropractors that handled injuries such as mine. I was drawn to Angel Chiropractic for the small clinic feel and the fact that he promptly responded to my e-mails in an effort to calm my nerves about finding a chiropractor.

When I arrived to London, Brian and Angel chiropractic did everything to make me comfortable. The customer service, flexible schedule, and excellent care I receive, give me a new confidence about travelling with a not so perfect back. I have had several chiropractors through out my lifetime and I can say with confidence that Brian is one of the best. The back is precious and should only be tended to with great care of which Angel Chriporactic can provide.


Very Pleased

I’ve had back problems for many years due to a mild scoliosis in my spine. I can say I’d tried almost everything to help with the back pain and uncomfortable spasms; massages, osteopathy, wearing a back brace, etc…since I started getting treatments from brian, over a year ago, my back has become a lot more flexible and my muscles are no longer as tight and achy. I am extremely happy with the result of his work on my back and neck, even though I have not even been able to attend as many treatment sessions as regularly as I would like.

I have also recommended brian to my mother- whose shoulder pain was miraculously eased in only two sessions of treatment- and my partner Orin who is also another very happy customer, and now visits him regularly.

I must add that another thing I really like about the Angel Clinic is everybody’s very pleasant and friendly attitude, plus the fact that they are very well organised with appointments, reminders, and payment plans. they also have other treatments such as hypnosis, therapy, and massage which are very useful.

I will gladly recommend them to anyone who needs an adjustment!



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